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Draw your message

What we stand for:

As a team we have a few things in common. We love people, development processes and the health and (youth)care sectors. Those who work for us have had hands-on experience, each with their own background and expertize. Draw your message is what binds us. We believe in the power of drawing.

We have trained thousands of people and seen how valuable the effect of visual communication is. Our own experiences and the positive reactions and stories of participants inspire us to continue with our mission: “To increase the impact of professionals through business drawing”.

Owner & Trainer

Dagmar Vriends

I trained as a behavioral trainer in prisons for 11 years and from my amazement at why one prison guard pressed his beeper once a week for reinforcement and the other once a year, my passion arose to train professionals in all kinds of conversation and communication. As a professional you can really make a difference and that is what I stand for.


Although I always believed that I couldn’t draw, I turned out to be the living example of the fact that everyone can draw! I noticed that by drawing out my message, my training sessions had more impact, without changing the content of the training.


People remember the content better, are more involved and it provides overview and energy. Because I discovered its impact, I decided to inspire others to draw as well. This is how Draw your message was born. A picture says more than a 1000 words, can you imagine what happens when you combine the two?!



My name is Jeannet van der Krol. In recent years, in which I have worked in primary education as a teacher, principal and as an HR advisor, I noticed that people get incredibly enthusiastic when I use drawing to visualize, for example, a vision, a process or a summary.


The message sticks better, because the image sticks and is clear to everyone.
Primary school children love to draw.

It’s a pity we often don’t do that anymore in our adult lives, because if you combine creativity and visual professionalism, you have a very powerful communication tool.



My name is Julia Vriends, I work for Draw your message as a trainer and copywriter.


After working for more than ten years as an art therapist in various places in the mental health care sector, I switched to Draw your message. I brought the passion to help people forward to this new place.


Also, from my professional background I see drawing as a very powerful way to deepen and strengthen communication. I therefore think it’s great to be able to inspire other professionals to use drawing in their communication too!



After having worked in Youth care for many years, the past ten years I focused on coaching care providers themselves.

The common theme in my work has always been that I hope to create a lasting positive effect and I always do so by using visual support. First by making simple drawings during conversations and now also by making drawings in such a way thar that they contribute to the lasting effect of what’s been discussed. I love little more than converting complicated extracts of other documents into visuals and to train others in their use of visuals in their communication.

Until 2 years ago I mainly used PowerPoint, until I learned how to draw at Draw your message. And now I give the training myself.
How awesome is that!



I’m Nina and I would describe myself as a creative adventurer. My mission is to simplify life with creativity. And what’s the easiest way to do that? Right! by drawing.


How nice it is to convert complicated text into an appealing visual, in such a way that everyone understands what it says. And when people understand something, they start remembering it, and when they remember something, life goes on. How beautiful is that?

This is why I became a business draftsman and trainer, and I would like to simplify your life soon too.


I worked in a hospital for years. As an Intensive Care nurse and computer scientist to improve care and the patient.

In addition, as a consultant I have spoken to many different healthcare providers and given workshops. Gaining and passing on knowledge gives me energy.

That moment when you see that the participant has turned a switch and feel that she/he understands the subject: I think that’s gold! I call it: the click moment. Suddenly the light comes on.

Drawing is a powerful and often underestimated means of communication that can be better used in our current society.

Operational Manager


As Operational Manager of Draw your message, I support this wonderful company with everything that needs to happen ‘behind the scenes’ to deliver and continue to guarantee quality.


I have always had a passion for communication and presentations and believe in the power of visualization. Although I am not personally involved in the training, it is great to see how much impact you can make with business drawing. My strength lies in Operational Management and I enjoy the diversity of my role. After working for almost 20 years at large multinationals, I get enormous satisfaction from the direct impact I have at Draw your message and the personal culture, drive and passion within the company.


My passion is to put others into their own strength, to do what they are good at and to make them happy.


The backhouse of the organization is safe with me. I really enjoy arranging everything well, so that our trainers can fully focus on their training and workshops.


I mainly operate behind the scenes, but if you call our office or have a question, chances are you will get in touch with me.



You can contact me for everything that needs to be done and arranged behind the scenes. Together with Annemieke I form the back office of Draw your message.


I do this with great pleasure. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than ensuring that everything is clear before, during and afterwards a training and is well arranged, so that everyone knows where they stand.


If you contact Draw your message, I will be there for you.