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Communication visualized

Increase the impact of your communication

Make sure your story sticks with your conversation partner!

Visualize the essence. Increase the impact of your communication by adding simple and striking drawings! You don’t have to be an artist to do so, as in essence, it’s about your message and not about the drawing.

Business drawing can be learned in a day, even if you think you really can’t draw!

This is what you’ll learn during the training Communication visualized:

The impact of business drawing
How to draw a visual alphabet
How to apply effects, color, shadow, etc
How to design your own basic stick figure
How to convert abstract concepts into images
How to create an image library
How to make your message visual

Practical information about the training

Our live-online training will be conducted through video conferencing. Well in advance of the training day you will receive an email including the login details for the zoom meeting as well as some preparational ‘homework’. We’ll also send you the necessary materials such as a drawing notebook, a set of pencils, professional markers and more.

As the course is held online, we do ensure that we have enough breaks and interaction to make it a lively and engaging experience.
The training will start at 09:30 and finish at around 17:00 (Central European Time).

€ 279 (excl. vat)

“The training has made me a more effective trainer and coach!”

Roselien Snijders

“Super fun and educational day! Hope to be able to use it often in the future :)”

Pim Munters

“The training has made me a more effective trainer and coach!”

Timo Lamboo