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Increase the impact of your
communication through simple


Our book

Get started with Conversations visualized and put your knowledge into practice. Our book offers space to make drawing progress yourself and ensure that you always have your own notes at hand!

Live online training

In the day training you will become acquainted with all elements of business drawing. After participating, you can immediately visually support your communication during conversations, meetings, therapy- or coaching sessions and presentations.


If you want more inspiration about how you can use business drawing in your field, be sure to read our blogs.

We regularly post new insights and success stories from other artists there.

With business drawing you strengthen your (visual)

communication and increase your impact

A drawing:

  offers structure
  creates clarity
  gives overview
  prevents miscommunication
  holds the attention of listeners
  encourages collaboration
  creates creativity
  generates energy
  gives insight
  makes information more memorable

Get started with our book

The book Conversations visualized contains 101 conversation templates for inspiration. Use them during client conversations or hand them out in preparation for a conversation.

“What a fun, educational, practical training. I can draw now and I never thought I could!”


“Trainer was very strong and clear in her explanation. In steps it became more complex. Excellent!”


“Draw your message is now my tip for every trainer, teacher and/or coach!”

Professional trainer

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