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Five reasons to incoporate drawing into your presentations

By now, we all know that drawing can bring great value to presentations, lessons, and conversations. To my surprise, there hadn’t been a blog written yet summarizing the key benefits of drawing in a presentation! Quite handy, of course! So, we got to work and here it is!

1. Drawing provides an overview and offers structure

A drawing can provide structure to the layout of a presentation as well as the content of a theme. Research has shown that not only what is drawn, but also WHERE it is drawn is stored in memory. A picture can be recalled (remembered) by the vast majority of people, making it easier for us to remember the overall picture.

2. Drawing makes a presentation clear and to the point

In a drawing, there is little room for unnecessary details. Not only because creating them takes time, but also because they simply don’t fit into a single image. Drawing naturally selects between main and supporting points.

3. Information is better retained

Both the left and right hemispheres of the brain are activated by combining words and images. Both hemispheres are stimulated and engaged to process the information at a deeper level. This means not only that it is remembered longer, but also that it can be understood or interpreted at a deeper level.

4. Drawing engages the audience

When drawing is incorporated into a presentation, it automatically grabs attention. Participants become curious, stimulated, and actively involved. Participants who draw and actively engage with the material are also less likely to be distracted from what they’re doing.

5. Drawing increases energy

Drawing is a playful and refreshing way to engage with sometimes mundane topics. By drawing, even dry subject matter comes to life; it becomes colorful, quite literally. Participants are activated, and even a serious training session gains a pleasant, light-hearted atmosphere. The material doesn’t go in one ear and out the other; participants are captivated by the visuals. Whether people laugh at the images or are moved in some other way, a visual presentation resonates with the audience! 

Business drawing at Draw your message

Draw your message helps you to increase the impact of your communication. Simple, expressive drawings visually convey what you communicate. Many people refer to this as business drawing or visual communication. Draw your message teaches you how to say more than a thousand words with one picture through our business drawing training and workshops. If you prefer having a book in hand, check out our book Conversations visualized.